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Your Questions About Next Step Online Dating

Mandy asks…

Online dating – how to get from the “I like your profile” to next step?

Mike answers:

Find things of interest that you share with that person and begin speaking about that… From there see if you can meet and go from there. Good Luck.

George asks…

Online Dating question..What should i do next?? serious answers only?

hey guys.

I met this girl online..she seemed like a cool person..i asked her if she has a facebook, and she said yes. and gave me her email…I added her and within 2 min she accepted it…i’ve never done this online thing..but do you thing she has some interest…also..what is the next step i should take…should i ask to call her sometime?

Mike answers:

She has interest. Just message back and forth and get to know her. Ask normal questions and let her know your looking for a realtionship. GO

Paul asks…

Can you really meet someone using online dating services? Which dating service is best?

I hear all about match dot com eharmony etc. Since I’m ready to move on from my last BF, I’m considering my next step. Should I rule out online services? Do you meet real people or just people you wouldn’t want to meet?

Mike answers:

Yes you do meet real people online. And the good part is that it does not have to get awkward if you decide that you don’t want to go anywhere with that person. You can look up his profile, chat, have a cam chat, and even phone conversations before you decide to actually go on a date or simply meet. You should not rule out online services especially when you know that there are more men than women on those sites the odds are on your side. But you do need to take your time and be careful.

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