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Your Questions About Instant Online Movies

Richard asks…

What’s the best “instant online movies” website besides netflix?

I have my computer hooked up to my TV and I have a netflix account. I NEVER order a DVD for rental– I just watch on the computer. I enjoy watching movies through netflix on my TV, but I wish they had a better selection. Is there any other website or service that I should be looking at?

Mike answers:

There are a couple. I really like , it’s the only thing that I use to download. I do not have a TV, but might be getting one soon. Netflix has a neat box that will let you watch downloads on your TV. ( )

Hope that helps. Definitely check out Graboid though.

Lizzie asks…

Where do I go to sign up for Blockbster online instant streaming movies trial?

I just want to sign up for the free trial for blockbuster online; however, I only want the link to where you sign up to get the movies streamed from your computer or laptop? Where do I go to sign up for this? I understand how to sign up for the free trial but that’s for renting movies to be delivered to your house, not streaming movies trial. Any information and links will be helpful.

Mike answers:

Blockbuster is closing down

Susan asks…

What kind of DVD player should I get that also allows me to watch online movies from netflix?

I want to get a DVD player that will play high Definition dvds, and will let me watch instant online movies from netflix

Any ideas?

10 points to the best!

Mike answers:

For HD you need a Blu-ray player, not a DVD player. That said, one of the most reasonable is the Insignia player sold at Best Buy (it’s their house brand). Netflix and Best Buy just announced a partnership (See link). In Canada the basic player sells for $170 (2nd link).

I suggest anyone replacing a DVD player these days consider a Blu-ray player. Why? Because, that way you have the capability to play Blu-ray disks if/when you find them at an acceptable price, and in the meantime Blu-ray players make a good upscaling DVD player for your existing collection.

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