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Your Questions About Ask Tenant Screening

Susan asks…

Do I have to buy tenant window screens?

Summer is coming soon, and my tenant is asking for window screens and a screen door.
How should I respond? I feel guilty, but I rather save my money for any maintenance only.
I mean are screens required?

Mike answers:

That depends upon where you live, however many local codes call for window screens.

Screens are cheap. It will be worth it to prevent infestation, unhappy tenants possible damage to your property.

Jenny asks…

Do I have to provide tenant with clips for window screen?

I know this sounds ridiculous but that is exactly what I thought when tenant asked me to get her a few of those things that hold the window screen up.

She told me that she used tape before. I said well I am sure the screens were not taped on when you moved in. She replied that the windows in her unit did not have screens on when she moved in.

That she actually went out and bought the screens. Yeah like I believe that and now she wants me to go buy her a few clips to hang up the window screen.

I just think these tenants I have think I am their personal servant.

They inferiate me with their weird demands.
Just bought building 1 year ago and old owners kept very poor records of condition each unit was in.

I feel like this people are just taking me for a money ride!!

Mike answers:

I’d give her the clips to shut her up… For now. And see if you have any photos of any of those windows ( before she moved in ) to see if for sure you had screens, and keep them for evidence. If she claiming she had bought the screens ( she, the tenant, should have asked you , the land lord, first if that was alright with you. Before buying them… And she should have a receipt for the screens for proof. ( normally the land lord should reimburse the tenant providing that person gives you a copy of the receipt ) Bye the way…If you have evidence that you had screens on the windows before she moved in… Show her To make your point…( shows nothing wrong with them right !) Obviously she broke the clips herself… Then her has to replace it. I hope this helps. Good luck. Next time before you rent out to anybody … Have a Check list to go over with the tenant and replace anything that needs to be replaced.

Richard asks…

buying an income property with existing tenants?

i am buying an income property and there are tenants living there there currently. they have no lease or contract to live there. I don’t want these tenants as I plan to screen my own tenants and have a few people lined up. Will I or the previous owner run into trouble asking this tenant to leave. Does she have legal standing to stay. Like I said, no lease/contract simply a month to month basis.
The tenant is a horror show. I live there currently adn she is soooooo loud and disruptive. She owes August and September rent, etc.

Mike answers:

Why would you evict the current tenants if the have been good tenants in the past? I would go to the property and introduce yourself and tell them you will soon be their new landlord and the need for them to fill out a new rental application and sign a new lease agreement. If they are unwilling to do that then you or the seller can evict them.

If you don’t want them as tenants I would require that the seller remove them before the close of escrow. Removing a reluctant tenant is expensive and a pain in the rear. Let the current owner go through that hassle before you purchase the property. As a buyer I once had to evict an inherited tenant…..that won’t happen again.

For sure, the tenant must be given a 30 Day Notice To Terminate Tenancy. Possibility longer depending on the state and how long they have lived there. If the current owner/seller gives them a 30 Day Notice and if escrow closes within that 30 day period you will have to start over again with a new 30 Day Notice. The old landlord would no longer have legal standing after he sells the property and his notice would be unenforceable.

Also, evictionss are never handled in Small Claims Court. Here in California the Superior Court has jurisdiction of all evictions.
All the more reason to have the current owner do the eviction prior to you purchasing the property.

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