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Tenant Screening Questions Your Questions

David asks…

How do Section 8 Apartments operate? Are most who live in them have a disability of some kind?

I current live in a Section 8 Apartment with my Mother while I attend the local College that’s nearby. Generally, the people who seem to live in the Apartment complex here seem to be older. There are a few young, but mostly older people. A lot of them appear to have physical disabilties (Walking with canes, in wheel chairs) My mother has a disability and receives SSI so most here seem to fit in that category.

There are a few younger people here and by that I mean 40s since I don’t see anyone younger than that in this complex. One woman appears to be a bit loony when she came to the door just by what she was saying, but generally speaking I’m surprised that the people here are quiet, good people. I was skeptical moving into this apartment before I lived here but I really had no choice given that I had no money, but to my surprise this place isn’t bad at all.

The Apartment is very clean. The Walls look like they have a fresh coat of paint on them. Each room has fans, all the blinds work. It’s not some run-down shack. Even the carpet in the bedroom isn’t half bad, a little worn but still has some plush left in it.

A lot of the older people who live here seem to be into gardening as I see a lot of flowers and plants in front of a lot of the apartments here. The only downside is there isn’t really much of a view looking outside. The area is sparse and lacks mature, nice beautiful trees and whatnot. But hey, guess your not gonna always get everything perfect. The rent is cheap so that’s certainly a plus.

Also the counters appear to be really old. Made of particle wood with these cheap feeling wood counter tops. The Stove is old, but in good condition. The fridge doesn’t look to be too old. The bath tile looks a little old but not that bad. Overall though, I’ve seen worse elsewhere through magazines and television and whanot- So this place isn’t half bad. The neighbors are friendly for the most part from what it seems and while it is a small, boring town- at least I can go to bed not being afraid of someone busting in.

Anyways- just thought I’d share my personal experience of living in this apartment for a few months.

My questions are:

Who pays for the lawn maintance?

Why can’t more trees be planted to beautify the apartment grounds? Aren’t there SOME extra funds every month given to the Manager or whoever owns the complex so they can make the place look a little more appealing (and since it is a very humid climate, I don’t see why planing some oaks wouldn’t make sense. It would save the tenants money on their electricity that’s for sure)

-Also, I wonder why no one ever installed porches on these apartments. They have a cement slab already set up, I don’t see why they put some up; it’s not like the apartments are new either; these apartments are over 20 yrs old. Perhaps they just don’t want to pay for the upkeep of a porch (Screening and such)

~Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Mike answers:

Section 8 is primarily for the elderly & disabled. That is why that is who you mostly see there.

There is no standard for yard care, porches or anything like that with Section 8 or any other apartment. These kinds of things are strictly up to each apartment complex. No landlord is ever required to provide any trees, or porches weather it is as section 8 complex or not. Porches are almost never added once the units are built. If they were not built with one then there will not be one. Yard care in apartments is usually paid by the landlord. No they do not get any extra funds from Section 8. They get the rent & that is it just like every other apartment. You will see minimal landscaping in any apartment you go to. It is not a lack of funds. They do not want to pay someone extra to maintain it. The few places that do have lots of landscaping typically cost more because it costs the landlord more money.

William asks…

rental question?

In public housing screening is done for criminal background checks. People who are on the sexual predatory list and the
meth list and these people are not allowed in. There are a few other exclusions for crimes that could impair the living
condition of other tenants. Is a misdemeanor theft charge ( for a bad check written 5 years ago) is this a reason to
exclude a tenant, and if so how would this impair the other tenants or effect anyone if that person has not gotten into
any other legal trouble.

Mike answers:

A misdemeanor normally doesn’t count against you. They are looking for felony convictions and sexual offenses…. There are plenty of people in public houseing that have written bad checks, and I know and am friends with them… It isn’t the end of the world… Especially if it is five years old, and it is one of your only offenses…

Richard asks…

In renting single family home, who pays maintenance in this list? Is this reasonable?

We need to counter lease contract and wanted to ask you all this question. This is for SFH in FL. They put tenant‘s responsible for WINDOWS, DOORS, EXTERIOR WALLS, SCREENS, FLOORS, RUNNING WATER, HOT WATER, EXTERIOR/INTERIOR WALLS, PORCHES, LOCKS & KEYS, EXTERMINATION OF RATS, MICE, ROACHES, ANTS, BEDBUGS, CEILINGS. It says tenant will pay for all repairs & maintenance up to $100.
Is this normal for tenant‘s to pay? The house is was built in 1999 but it looks in great shape, well taken care of.
Thank you for your advice.
They asked 1st, last, security deposit. The funny thing is we have great credit but we still own a house that we plan to sell (short sale). We wanted to get a rental before credit hit but still are deemed “risky”.
What is vermin inspection?
estielmo, how can we make sure certain things are pre-existing condition? Do you recommend walk thru before signing the contract or move in? I don’t want to be picky but want to protect us from the future. I don’t want them telling us and keeping our deposit for the things that were there from the beginning.

Mike answers:

This lease is seriously illegal, violating several laws.

Do not even bother countering this landlord, you are dealing with a low life scum bag, the type that makes the rest of us look bad.

They are looking to be a slum lord and make the poor tenant think they signed up for it.

Personally I hope you take this to the housing authority and they take legal action, it is really dispicable.

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