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Robert asks…

Best online programs for on-duty soldiers?

I’m enlisting into the United States Army after I graduate from high school, and I’m planning to take an online program that ultimately leads me toward a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

So, I’ve been researching. Every online university that I’ve researched has gotten highly negative reviews in term of education and financial costs and aid. I am becoming highly frustrated.

Someone told me that “Distance-Learning” from actual universities are a far better option. Is this true? And if so, which are the best universities that offer distance-learning online programs in the North and South Carolina area?

Mike answers:

I did a quick search on, a resource site for online degrees and programs, and here is what I found. Basically, I narrowed down the search to only include not-for-profit programs because that’s where you seemed to run into the most issues. There’s some great listings, including state schools, like Upper Iowa University, as well as private colleges that offer a very high-quality education, like Brandman University, the online version of Chapman University. Below are the links. Browse through and see if any of those interest you.

Regent University
Brandman University
Baker College Online
Saint Leo University
Upper Iowa University
Liberty University
Tiffin University
Union Institute

Hope that helps you out. There were a few that offered a tuition discount for those in the military.
Good luck!!

Sharon asks…

Best Online University?

I’m looking for a good online university that offers an IT program. I’ve Googled “top rated online colleges” and almost every website has told me that the University of Phoenix is the best school, which I know to be false because I have researched it and found a LOT of awful reviews on this school. Where are these websites getting their info from I wonder. Anyways, any recommendations on a good online college would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

Mike answers:

UMass Online has a program.

Helen asks…

any reviews on kaplan university?

I am considering entering Kaplan University online for a bachelors degree. I haven’t heard many reviwes about it and need insight. It’s hard to find schools that offer my major especially online. I live in a middle-of-nowhere place with no schools close by so any thoughts about Kaplan will help my decision… thanks

Mike answers:

Kaplan is just one of several widely advertised worthless for-profit “universities”.

If you absolutely have to study online, there are several reputable alternatives, and also many regular brick & mortar schools offer online classes.

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