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Private Landlord Tenants Rights Your Questions

Robert asks…

While visiting Tenant T’s office, visitor V trips and injures herself in a hole in the floor?

While visiting Tenant T’s office, visitor V trips and injures herself in a hole in the floor in the private (non-public) portion of the office hastily covered by Tenant T. Landlord L had knowledge that the floor required repair and had already arranged to send a contractor to effect same the next week.
What rights does V have against Landlord L; against Tenant T?

Mike answers:

This is your homework, not mine. If you ever want to become a real lawyer and actually represent clients, then YOU are going to have to figure a lot of stuff out on your own. Starting…… Now.

Maria asks…

My mums on benefits (e+s) she is a private tenant but council pays her rent, her fridge has broken does?

does the landlord have to buy her another one because she’s on benefits?
We’ve been asking him to get her it but he’s ignoring us and she’s nto got the money to get one herself.
Do we have a right to ask him to get it for her?

Mike answers:

If it is his fridge (was there when you moved in) it is his responsibility (provided your family did not damage it). If you moved it in with your furniture then it is yours and so your responsibility to replace or repair it.
Look on Gumtree/Freecycle etc to pick one up really cheaply or even sometimes FREE.

Nancy asks…

Fire safety in private rent house?

We are in privately rented 3 bedroom house, and there are no internal doors anywhere downstairs. The landlords won’t let us fit any either, and I’m thinking surely this is a major fire hazard? There is no door on the kitchen, so if a fire did break out during the night, our family would have no chance of getting out alive. (the kitchen is about 4ft away from the bottom of the stairs with no door) can anybody tell me if the landlord can refuse us to put doors on, or can we make them fit them for our safety? BTW our landlords are useless at fixing anything, we are still waiting 3 yrs on for requested repairs! And for us having to pay £875.00 per month we expect better. Any help with tenants rights will be appreciated. Thanks.

Mike answers:

This is not a safety issue, most homes in the US do not have door to the kitchen, and the only doors are on bedroom, bathroom and closets. Most kitchens are open to the dining room or the family room. Most kitchen have a wide opening and become part of the family room living area. Trust me I have see thousands of kitchen in my work. My own home is open to the dining room and the dining room is open to the living room. Just install smoke detectors, you can buy them for less than $5 dollars each.

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