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Printable Coloring Pages Your Questions

Paul asks…

Can you tell me where I can find free, printable coloring pages that are more of a difficult level?

Im 15 and I like to color alot. I have a couple coloring books but Im tired of them being super easy to color and theres no fun in that. I want coloring pages that are difficult or harder to color. Thanks :]

Mike answers:


John asks…

Where to find printable coloring pages?

I want to find a legit, free site that allows you to print of coloring sheets/pages. I don’t want them to be little kid pictures, I want them to be stuff that’s actually a little realistic. I’m looking for any type of pictures really – animals, holidays, nature *waterfalls, lakes, ponds, etc…*, and stuff like that. I just like to color and would like to get some pages to do. Does anyone have any suggestions on which site I could look at?

Thanks for any help!

Mike answers:

There are some realistic animal coloring pages at

Chris asks…

Where can I find intricate printable coloring pages for adults?

Detailed drawings of fairies, dragons, mandalas, religions that I can print out and color myself.

Mike answers:

If you type in what you want in the yahoo image search and then click the black and white button on the right of the bar(somewhere round thta part of the screen)you should find what you want.

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