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Interview For Tenants Your Questions

Sandra asks…

Is this discrimination?

Okay here goes, I went for an interview for a low income apartment. Mind you I filled out this application about for years ago. I just wanted to have a plan in case things didn’t work out where I am living now. But at it this point I need this for my boys sake. I went to the interview with my fiance. He’s struggling to find a job at this point. He was denied unemployment he had and awful boss trust me. Well as for the interview. We went into the office she reviewed the application and asked me why my fiance’ wasn’t on there. I let her know it was my back up plan as I told you. She told me that she would add him on . But he insisted no to be added on because of his credit and did not want to jeopardize my not getting the housing. She had the nerve to say I”m going to put him on anyway because I know you’ll sneak hi in anyway. I was livid. I let it go because I know if I said what I really thought I would not get the apartment. Now everything was fine before that until I told her that my son was autistic. That’s when she wanted to had my fiance on. She was very determined to put him on and she did. I was stupid to finish the application. But it got worse she started to say things like how she already had one autistic child on the premises and that she’s tired of all the complaints she gets everyday about this child’s tantrums. I could not believe it!! I wanted to go over her desk and throttle her. Autistic children cannot express themselves as well as normal children. She also said she had to consider the tenants that were already there they came first. Oh I was furious, I already knew where she was going with this. I truly believe she put my fiance’ purposely to use his credit as a way to keep me from getting the apartment. I knew from day one and I am furious! Question is what’s the next step for me. What do you think am I way off?
Remember my fiance’ made it clear that he did not want to be added onto the application. I failed to mention that he also told her he would rent a room just so that I could get the apartment. But she totally disregarded it. She put him on anyway. But I decided to leave her in GOD”s hands he’ll handle it his way. Thanks so much to all of you for your imput I appreciate it.

Mike answers:

With respect to adding the boyfriend – yeah, you’re way off. I have several friends in apartment management, and it’s a pretty common occurrence in low-income units that a woman rents an apartment and her boyfriend simply moves in. There are a truly astonishing number of government regulations concerning who lives in what apartment and what kind of assistance they can receive. Even if you aren’t directly getting government assistance, the property you’re talking about may be what’s called a tax-credit property, and the government gets its overly-large nose in the door that way. If they let you move in and your boyfriend joins you without his name being on the lease, the property could lose its tax-credit status, which could literally cost the owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. It may seem intrusive – welcome to the welfare state – but the management company has a responsibility to the owner of the complex not to take a chance on something like that happening.

As far as your son is concerned, then yes, I think you have a valid case of discrimination. The problem is that the whole boyfriend thing may cloud the issue. If your boyfriend weren’t in the picture and they refused to rent to you because you have an autistic son, they’d be in violation of quite a few government regulations – in which case, say farewell to the tax-credit status.

What you do about this is very much up to you. As things stand right now, I suspect you wouldn’t get anywhere with a complaint. The management would simply point to your boyfriend as sufficient reason not to rent to you.

Good luck, hon.

David asks…


I got this job 5 months ago . When i was on the interview i was told the position is for a Secretary / light bookkeeping answering phones and light work here and there . 2 weeks later ; i found myself not only answering phone that ring every 5 seconds at least 4 lines at a time , i must run to my boss office and let him who calls for him everything before taking a message . I do bookkeeping for not only 1 company but his other company which involves property management , All of a sudden i find myself advertising homes for rent , calling up tenants everyday for rent $ maintaining maintenance , real estate taxes , evictions proceedings , communicating via email w lawyer’s etc ; ( which basically to me is a Property manager ) he is the landlord he owns at least 25 property that i have to make sure everything gets paid for , rent comes in no damage eviction court new tenants new lease etc…… on top of ” being a secretary/receptionist front desk . He doesn’t allow me a break which i do not get a lunch break , he does not allow me even 5 minutes to step out and get fresh air , which i didn’t know that and i didnt agree to these circumstances , Ita quite impossible to do anything cus he stands over my shoulder and expects me to produce something he wants in a matter o seconds its very stressful and on top of that he speaks very disrespectful towards me esp when i approach him calmly and explain to him that i felt disrespected in this or whatnot he tells em to cut my bullshyt .. IHe pays me salary straight , which i realized if he paid me by the hour he would owe me overtime . and after my taxes with my so called ” salary” i just barley make minimum wage for 43 hours a week 5 days a week and esp doing what i do ” and getting paid barley anything ..

what should i do , is he taking advantage of me , he is very intimidating towards me and always makes me feel like im wrong …

Mike answers:

By law you are required to get a lunch break and additional breaks–at least two during the work day. All the rest that you must do are grounds for a raise in salary or to seek elsewhere for employment.

Charles asks…

What do U think Illegal claims demons or devils making him set fire that took the lives of 5 Guatemalans?

The fire that killed five Guatemalan immigrants in their home above a restaurant in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, was ignited by one of their roommates, who drenched a roll of toilet paper in an accelerant and tossed it into a baby carriage at the bottom of the tenement’s stairs, the authorities said on Tuesday.The suspect, Daniel Ignacio, 29, said he did it because he was drunk and “demons or devils” took hold of him, law enforcement officials said.

But if some aspects of the city’s deadliest fire since March 2007 came into sharper focus on Tuesday, others remained puzzling to investigators, to those who know Mr. Ignacio and to the Guatemalan community — both in New York and in the highlands of Guatemala, where the victims and the suspect were from.

“Are you sure he’s Guatemalan?” Pedro Ordoñez, an uncle of one victim, Luisa Ordoñez Chan, asked in a telephone interview from the family’s house outside Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. “It’s painful that this is happening among paisanos.”

Mr. Ignacio lived at the tenement, at 2033 86th Street, for the past seven months; he and eight others lived on the second floor. All told, there were about 20 Guatemalan immigrants living on the two floors above a sushi restaurant. After the fire early Saturday, Mr. Ignacio was embraced by friends and relatives of the victims.

On Monday, some of his roommates spoke at Jovenes Cristianos Evangelical Church, half a mile from the burned building. They singled out Mr. Ignacio for helping to rescue the 2-year-old son of Ms. Ordoñez and her husband, Miguel Chan.

The church’s pastor, the Rev. Erick J. Salgado, saw Mr. Ignacio as he waited to be interviewed by detectives, and passed on a message of thanks from Mr. Chan.

“I did what I could,” Mr. Ignacio replied, according to Mr. Salgado.

But the investigation soon focused on Mr. Ignacio.

Investigators had worked to clarify several images from surveillance cameras near the building. One of them showed two of the building’s tenants and a relative walking through the front door at 2:15 a.m. on Saturday. Another showed Mr. Ignacio leaving through the same door at 2:17 a.m., the police said.

He lingered outside. He stayed on the curb, studying his cellphone, for about two minutes. Then he went back in; he told investigators he went to sleep. Five to seven minutes later, the video showed, smoke from the first-floor stairwell began to waft outside. Within moments, there was evidence of an emergency: a man ran up to kick in the front door, and people dropped down from windows. A police cruiser and then a fire truck pulled up outside.


If he was not here in American in this first place would this of ever happened ? http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/03/nyregion/03fire.html


Mike answers:

Only demon he saw wa in the mirror. No this would not happen if our laws were enforced!!

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