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Instant Online Movies Your Questions

Chris asks…

Streaming online movies?

Does anyone know a good site other than hulu to just stream movies. I have netflix but I am looking to watch dirty dancing 2 but its not available in the instant movies.

Mike answers:

Go to this is a great website with links to hundreds of movies!!!

George asks…

What’s a website that I can PAY to watch movies online?

other than netflix (instant netflix doesn’t have ANY of the movies I ever search :/)
Last night I paid around $3 to watch a “No strings attached” online. But that website doesn’t have the movie I want to watch tonight.

Do you know any such websites where I can pay to watch movies online instantly? (Amazon won’t work too, cus I’m in the UK :( )

Mike answers:

I do not!!! But i commend you for paying for your movies my friend!!!!!

Try Hulu plus… I think they have movies!!!

Joseph asks…

any good netflix movies you like. ?

any good netflix movies online movies that you guys like? i have xbox and they have this new feature that allows me to watch it on my tv. so….any good movies that you watch from netflix.

i like

or any movie that you like.

remember only like online instant movies. im bored and i have all week. thanksgiving break. and i have nothing to do lol =p

Mike answers:

Gone Baby Gone

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