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Can I Check My Own Driving Record Your Questions

Mark asks…

I have one dwi on my record. Over 4 years old and nothing else. Will I get a sales job?

I have been given the job pending the background check. They have not asked about my driving record and I have not lied since I have not had to fill out an application. I am driving my own car for this position with them paying for the gas and a car allowance. The DWI was the lowest level you can get? How will this effect my chances for the job?

Mike answers:

You´ll get the job…if you were driving their car the insurance company might have an issue.

Nancy asks…

Are there websites where I can do background checks?

My boss has tasked me with looking into this. He wants us to be able to do our own background checks on potential employees.

Can you do that online for free? It seems like there should be databases where this data is stored online. We need criminal and driving record, social security confirmation, and employment history, preferably.


Mike answers:

No not for free!

David asks…

My employer wants to provide their insurer with proof of my car insurance; can they require me to provide that

My job does not involve driving, and we recently discovered that our employers insurer recently checked our driving records without our consent, banning some of us from any work related driving (meeting, picking up lunch). Is it legal for them to check our records without our consent? Can they legally request proof of our own auto insurance, including all information regarding our VIN numbers, car loan, etc.?

Mike answers:

Meetings and picking up lunch DO involve driving. SO, if you are on the clock while doing any of those things, then yes, they MUST obtain proof of your insurance. ( My parents own a pizza store, and by law they must have a copy of the insurance for anybody, before they make a delivery)

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