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Mark asks…

Your only answer is YES or NO. Do you like these ideas or not?

1) Level Achievements…
Level 1 – Limited Activity
Level 2 – Show/Hide bad answers
Level 2 – Able to see other people’s profiles
Level 4 – Enable e-mail communication
Level 5 – 2,000 available characters to talk about yourself.
Level 6 – You can choose your own font color and size for your questions.
Level 7 – You can import pictures for backgrounds to your questions from the Yahoo Answers pics. gallery.

2) Rollover info. for avatars on the Yahoo Answers home page?

3) Do away with profile pages? On the left pane of your screen, you could have multiple profiles open to see everyone’s status and choose to show or hide them with a show/hide bottom on the bottom right of each person’s profile.

4) You should have to be at least 15 to enable e-mail communication and at least 18 to view people’s YAHOO 360‘s. Some of them are really ugly.

5) Whenever someone sends you an e-mail, shouldn’t you be able to report them for foul language?
6) There should be three divisons of the yahoo answers site?
*Elders helping teens
*Peers helping Peers
*Teens sharing what they know to their elders

7) Able to choose 1 best answer for every 30 answers.

8) Able to block people from answering your questions.

9) Everyone has a mini blog on their profile page where people can post comments.

10) Able to use Clip Art, fonts, colors, and pictures from the Yahoo Answers galleries.

11) To put a picture in instead of your avatar, you have to ask the Yahoo Staff first and they’ll decide.
On the levels, the 2nd 2, should be a 3.

Mike answers:

Yo whats your problem i didnt get to read that b/c it was toooo looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggi bet most or the ppl didnt even read they just put YES OR NO lol

Susan asks…

The cops are back at my apartment complex?

Recently cop and safety patrol cars have been parking right across my apartment suite because I had a domestic dispute that was reported and had a talk with them. Every time I go outside for a cigarette they are sitting in their marked patrol car and just staring at my apartment window. Just an hour ago at 1AM I was on the phone outside talking to my friend and having a smoke and a cop car comes speeding and parks directly across from my apartment, then he turn his lights on and writes stuff down on some notepad he had, after a few minutes of me smoking and just staring at him, he finished writing something and made a really quick sharp u-turn and sped off back the way he came. The past few weeks there have been patrol cars around monitoring my activities. I have some background with the cops but no criminal history:
Once I did a 360 at 40-50 mph on a highway, most of the time I drive like a maniac, once I got into a car accident, another time I got a red-light ticket, countless warnings for traffic infractions, got drunk one night and some teenagers pissed me off so I told them I had a gun and they called the cops who searched my car and took down my ID, my parents have called the cops on me for domestic disputes, and for some reason cops just love to follow me around wherever I go. What can I do? Do I have any rights to privacy? They shine their car headlights directly into my window and I have to close the blinds.

Mike answers:

It sounds like they are doing their job!!! I mean, checking up on someone like yourself is what they are being paid for! Especially if your parents have called them on you & you making a small threat about a gun. Come on! Plus you endanger people’s lives by driving carelessly… Your a little punk… Grow the fu ck up!
To answer your question, no, they are allowed to watch your punk a*s for as long as they want. They aren’t allowed to come into your home without consent of a person who lives there or if they have a warrant. So it sounds like if you mind you P’s & Q’s… And you mature a bit, you don’t really have anything to worry about!

Jenny asks…

How do I find out if I have been BLACKLISTED from employment?

I have been having trouble getting hired or even a call for an interview. My resume is very well put together. I think this problem may be that I am blacklisted from employment. I have had some rather bad jobs before. Hostile work environment to include sexual harassment and other situations. I am at a loss.
One previous job of mine, I had contacted the arbitration department, employee hot line and other resources. This situation was extremely horrible. I wonder if I can say the job’s name? They never told me no and never went to court. I just got out of there as quickly as possible. Let’s just say it is a very well known rental furniture company with Sales and Lease at the end of the title. Hint Hint.
Here’s what happened to me there.
I was hired on as a C.S.R. by the store manager. He did not want to hire me. But he did because an employee knew my background from a previous furniture sales store. I used to contact this store and others requesting information on previous customers they have had and looking for skip traces (people who are not reliable customers) before signing them up or when they took off with merchandise and I needed to track them down.
Anyways, I got hired on. Thanks to that person. But in the same respect, that person ruined my life. The work environment just kept getting worse with the hostile and intimidating atmosphere. The other employees didn’t like me. I tried my best to win them over. There for awhile it worked. Spending half my pay a week on buying lunch for everyone and helping others with gas money and what not. They used me. It was to be expected but I did not expect the outcome of the situation.
During an audit, I found out from the store manager and the account manager that they were missing a big screen TV. And that they figured out a way to hide it from the auditor. When he left for lunch, they went into the warehouse and moved the TVs around and relabeled one of them to match the bar code of the missing TV that the auditor had reported. So when the auditor came back, the TV had magically appeared.
I got a moment alone with the auditor in the break room and informed him of this switch the best way I knew how but pleaded with him not to tell anyone in the store that I was his informant. He took it up with the store manager. They were in the office for a few hours talking. I had clear view through the windows into the office. The auditor looked upset with the store manager.
Once they came from the office, the store manager shook his hand and said I will meet you after work for dinner, its on me. The auditor went back to work and found that a brand new xbox 360 was missing. It was never taken out of the box and put on the show room floor. Everyone went wild looking for the xbox 360. No one found it that night. The auditor said we could look for it tomorrow. He left and went home. Meanwhile, the store manager and his wife who was also a store manager of another store within the same company where telling all of us employees to find an xbox 360. They asked me if I owned one, I did not. No one had one or was willing to bring theirs to work. So the two store managers came up with a plan with the account manager/assistant manager to borrow one from a customer. I knew who this customer was and the shady stuff he did for work to his own customers because the guy liked talking and didn’t know when to quit. They borrowed the xbox 360 from him that night.
They labeled it and put it on the floor for the auditor. The auditor came in extremely cheerful and buddy buddy with the store manager. Which was unusual for the store manager to like him. Because before he was pulling his hair out yelling at everyone and he was extremely irritated that the auditor was even in the same room as him. And now they are friends?
My store manager has money. Lots of it. He’s the only person in the company to ever make a store go up to a 4 diamond store. My opinion of this knowledge and barring witness to the crime, he had to have paid the auditor hush money.
So That was the last straw for me. I called the hot line and informed them of my troubles at work and the crimes being committed. The investigation went on for about a week. One week later, my co worker who helped me get the job, finally acted on his unwanted advances on me. For weeks he was trying to convince me the only way to save my job was to have sex with him and then he would tell the store manager not to fire me. I never said yes to him. I was extremely offended by him and his ways. The perfect co worker turned into my worst nightmare.
He raped me in the store warehouse. He wouldn’t let me go home that night. He kept me clocked in while he counted down the money. Said he needed one other person in the store while he did this. So I reluctantly stayed, fearing what might happen. But I thought the video cameras would keep him at bay. Unfortunately the warehouse had only one camera facing the backdoor.
My co worker said he needed sku’

Mike answers:

Wow. Long story. You sound like a bit of a trouble maker. That was no reason to rape you. Did you call the police?
Move to a new place and start a new life. Remember this,
no one is your friend. When you tell on the higher ups, you get fired. Not them because they have the power. It is not right but it is what it is.
Sorry about your luck.

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